“I loved going to the auditorium to see Elf”

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On November 14th, 32 Dilico youth and 10 chaperones were able to attend the show that will commence the holiday season for many individuals in Thunder Bay. We are eager to find out how much these wonderful children will have enjoyed this critically acclaimed show. Thank you to all those who helped make this possible by donating to our campaign. From our friends at Dilico:

“Dilico is so appreciate of the Foundations support to send so many of our children and youth to experience a high level performance. Their pledge of support has given our children, youth and families an amazing opportunity to experience a live performance with their favourite characters. This experience will be treasured for many years to come. We have heard how much attendee’s enjoyed the performance and passed on their joy to receive such a wonderful gift from the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Foundation.”

and what did the kids think?

“This play was excellent, we loved the music, dancing and acting. We laughed and had a wonderful time watching this live. It was fun to get out of the unit so soon to watch this. Thank you for this opportunity”

Eathan has said it was GOOD he has seen shows at school before and would possibly like to see another at TBCA .

Nathan said It was awesome and funny and would definitely like to see another show in the future.

Riley said it was funny and enjoyed himself

“I loved going to the auditorium to see Elf”

Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible. If you would like to help give an underprivileged local youth an experience that will last life time, check out our Fill the Seats program.

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